Hey I’m Jay and my life has been a 20-year old bundle of shameful awkwardness. If you have ever found yourself in the midst of a panic attack induced by your inability to control laughter during health class and/or a funeral; or if you have run out of people in real life that tolerate you and have outsourced your friendship to sketchy online communities – we can relate! And even if you haven’t, we can still relate! I lie a lot. 

I study at some small, elite, top tier liberal arts school in Philadelphia that you’ve never heard of so I won’t even bother saying the name of it. I’m double-majoring in Film and Media Studies and Political Science with a double-minor in Future Unemployment and Unfulfilled Dreams. I spend my time going to concerts that I can’t afford and eating food that I can’t afford either. The inside of my Snuggie knows me better than the inside of a classroom ever will, and I like it that way. I am very strict about the sanctity of my Snuggie and the only situation in which I would be willing to share it would be if Damon Salvatore showed up at my door for a sleepover on Thursday at 8 PM. That was NOT a cheesy subliminal advertisement for you to tune into The Vampire Diaries every Thursday at 8 PM on CW11. THAT was. 

Anyway, hey I’m Jay and I like to make people laugh at my expense (and the government’s too if they would pay for it – congressional approval pending.) I hope you enjoy my blurbs and blogs this summer, and I will find you if you don’t. J


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