Welcome to the Best Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!)

It was an “Arrow” kind of week. The bromance between actors Stephen Amell and Colin Donnell heats up in the Twitterdom. Not surprisingly, they play best friends in the action-packed series. Plus, The Huntress arrives on the set of “Arrow,” Tyra Banks poses with Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte and “The Vampire Diaries” stars shout out to the Atlanta Braves with a pic. Keep reading to find out whichCW stars made the list!

Arrow Color Logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

  • Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn), James Bamford (stuntman), Andrew Kreisberg (creator), Marc Guggnheim (creator)

Nobody puts Ollie in the corner! (unless the transport guys deem it a logistical necessity) pic.twitter.com/GhNuSSvn

A2xTcEHCMAAV7P  CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Sept 9 – 16)

This is @amellywood and I watching an something. Just something. And it’s awesomeinstagr.am/p/PqDHeygjvx/

instagramarrowbromance2 CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

You always had to top me Queen “@amellywood: I see @colindonnell‘s bromance photo and I raise him: @ Vancouver, BCinstagr.am/p/PppAHvkSbZ/

instagramarrowbromance CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

I’m not in Vancouver. @colindonnell is. He’s wearing my stuff and playing with my action figures. (good with it)pic.twitter.com/EhNeEzMY

A2YwmUUCIAEBuu2 CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Sept 9 – 16)

 just met the Huntress herself. You guys are gonna die! (well, not you guys… some guys on TV) 

Alright, alright…..I admit it as well…..I too, met “The Huntress” today. Lost in her gaze, I was. Men….you are in trouble. 

Spotted this morning. My daughter: “Why doesn’t he have a shirt on?”pic.twitter.com/bk0oRsVw

A22OaBlCQAAhnx9 CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Sept 9 – 16)

BEAUTYlogooneline CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

You did it, ! 1,000 followers a month before the premiere! As promised some  🙂pic.twitter.com/YVcg8dG9

A2jr0Z7CQAAGoJi CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Sept 9 – 16)

RT @CWBeautyBeast: Portrait of Kristin and Jay from The Hollywood Reporter twitpic.com/asajip–love this!

90210 Logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

  • Trevor Donovan (Teddy), Michael Steger (Navid), Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna)

If I text someone who’s in the same room as me, I’ll stare at them until I see they notice the text…

No one was looking, so I made my presence known. pic.twitter.com/YvyEUuT5

A2tUgnhCEAA812b CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Sept 9 – 16)

At the airport and I just ate my weight in oatmeal… Thank God I only had to put my suitcase on the scale.

ANTM Logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

  • Tyra Banks (judge)

So fun 2 hang w/my mama lastweek. She’s my evrything. Happy Sunday, fam. Hope ur having nice time w/ur own. pic.twitter.com/y8SNhot0

A26x3DDCAAAzZan CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Sept 9 – 16)

NIKITA logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

  • Dillon Casey (Sean), Devon Sawa (Owen)

I like to turn @shanewest_1‘s phone ringer back on while he’s doing a scene. Then run back to my trailer and call em on the next take.

 CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

  • Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), Julie Plec (creator), Kat Graham (Bonnie)

Experiencing the most beautiful weather in GA right now on stroll home from late dinner w/  personnel.The seasons are coming… Smile

Giving @paulwesley a stern lecture about his twitter attendance. You’re welcome.

InstagramTVDbraves CW Stars Best Tweets (Sept 9   16)

Don’t forget to stop by next week for another round of tweets! What was your favorite this week? The “Arrow” bromance? Or has The Huntress already caught your eye?

– Becca Ritchie


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