Welcome to the Best Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!)

The cast of “Emily Owens, M.D.” live tweeted during the October 16th premiere, and they share a photo of the event (love the group effort!). Also, the cast and crew of “Gossip Girl” prepared to say goodbye as filming came to an end. Kelly Rutherford and Matt Settle share pictures of the last few days together on set. Continue reading to see these and more from your favorite CW shows!

Arrow Color Logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Marc Guggenheim (executive producer)



A5xZMh7CUAAix a CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)


Spoiler Alert: Oliver Queen loves Christmas.


Please watch  tonight or the CW will just abandon me in the forest like this. instagr.am/p/Q5KMYGkSSt/



My trailer is coming along nicely.pic.twitter.com/nshKEbeI

A5hFL7tCUAM4Sti CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)

BEAUTYlogooneline CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Kristin Kreuk (Catherine), “Beauty and the Beast” writers, Nina Lisandrello (Tess)


Fun fact: @HeyItsNicoleA ‘s parents used to tell her she should play my little sister. And so it is! 

See @MsKristinKreuk &@NinaLisandrello hard at work in “Proceed with Caution” this Thursday @ 9/8c! pic.twitter.com/QgDIZINM

A5XArP9CIAAj3Hv CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)

No photos allowed, and I’m pretty sure they only want one drink per person @MsKristinKreuk pic.twitter.com/ItzWnp2u

A5nUsgTCMAAY v6 CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)


  • Kelly McCreary (Tyra), Justin Hartley (Will)


This is what live tweeting looks like.@Hartleyjustin @ajanaomi_kingpic.twitter.com/5D5JaNRo

A5Xs6D1CUAEQItS CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)


We work while you watch!pic.twitter.com/iNhtuebC

A5XpQvZCcAARD41 CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)


To all of my friends in LA, thanks for watching. For those friends not watching, you are now dead to me and I’m holding auditions 

HartofDixie BLK CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Wilson Bethel (Wade), Scott Porter (George)


 finally got the best of director, @DuganONealtwitpic.com/b5zbxz



Real Men ain’t afraid to wear purple (or lavender) like George Tucker is for instagr.am/p/Q-lQ-EPqKP/

ANTM Logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Tyra Banks (host/executive producer)


I’m going on Katie Couric show now! Turn your TV on. Check your local times for when I’m on in your hood!pic.twitter.com/hFGtbC6u

A5WZypqCQAAmxkf CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)

GossipGirlLogo CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Matt Settle (Rufus), Kelly Rutherford (Lily)


@KellyRutherford oh, these final days…. Sigh pic.twitter.com/epVmEe0n

A5VktL7CUAI8Naz CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)


@MeryKel@KellyRutherford@matt_settle RT @Nataliee__:”ROMEO, ROMEO, WHEREFORE ART THOU ROMEO?!”pic.twitter.com/3v9xuaGj” making waffles!

A5WssSXCQAAKSgY CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 15 – 21)


Love them 🙂instagr.am/p/QznyZTnDS4/


Between takes…instagr.am/p/RBhdARHDZ9/

VAM Logo FIN CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Julie Plec (executive producer)


Damon taking his shirt off-again…I’m eating a bucket of French fries the second this scene is done!!!!!!!


Just witnessed a spectacular group of people put in a 70+ hour work week and no one killed, maimed or beheaded anyone. Offscreen, that is.

NIKITA logo CW Stars Best Tweets (Oct 15   21)

  • Devon Sawa (Owen)


Got asked to leave the steam room at the spa today for pretending to canoe past people in the thick foggy steam.


…. Which I guess isn’t as bad as last time when I would call out “Scooby Doo’! Where are you! These swamps are scary!!”

Don’t forget to stop by next week for another round of tweets! What was your favorite this week? Scott Porter and the “Hart of Dixie” men posing for the camera? Stephen Amell playing with an action figure? Those don’t ever get old.

– Becca Ritchie


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