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Acid Angels - Credit: Victory Studios

Acid Angels – Credit: Victory Studios

ACID ANGELS Acid Angels is a West Seattle-based band that is three albums out (first album “Infected Needles, second album “Can You Feel It?”, and the third album “My Stereo”). They are a high-energy garage/punk/rock-n-roll band. Been described as Dee Dee Ramone meets the Sonics. Members: Kelly Wheeler – Vocals & Bass, Jayme Layme – Lead Guitar, Carl Klein – Guitar & Backups, Geoff Reading – Drums & Backups, Tim Forsander – Keys & Backups Find our more HERE

Big Sur - Credit: Victory Studios

Big Sur – Credit: Victory Studios

BIG SUR Big Sur plays sad, dark, pretty folk songs for people in Seattle, Bellingham and beyond. Big Sur loves you and thanks you for your friendship Members: Jake Hemming (vocals/guitar), Mike Bergstrom (bass), Derek Jackman (drums), Steve Norman (pedal steel/trumpet, Kat Bula (violin/vocals). Get more Big Sur info HERE

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