Band In Seattle – Episode 103



Dolly Rottens - Credit: Victory Studios

Dolly Rottens – Credit: Victory Studios

The Dolly Rottens are a girl fronted Seattle based rock n roll band.

Singer/songwriters Geneva Butler and Darci Carlson tag team both guitar and vocals, each showcasing their own unique attitude and talent. Dan Infecto, formally of Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies, rocks a heavy bass, and Nicholas Aukland kills the drums, holding the rhythm section down tight. This ‘in your face’ foursome blends an edgy punk rock crunch with upbeat and catchy pop rock riffs. A surprising country twang is tossed into the mix when the girls slow it down and spotlight their harmonies and heartfelt songwriting abilities. The Dolly Rottens have a lot to say and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.Members: Darci Carlson (guitar, vocals). Geneva Butler (guitar, vocals). Dan Infecto (bass). Nicholas Aukland (drums)

Find more on The Dolly Rottens HERE

Summer Babes - Credit: Victory Studios

Summer Babes – Credit: Victory Studios

Summer Babes describe themselves as “Softcore pop for goodlooking people” in their brief and succinct Twitter bio. This is a pretty accurate description for the band fronted by Jeff Albertson of The Lights (other band members include Matt Stegner on guitar, keyboardist Jessica Parsons, bassist Henry Rose and drummer Ryan Reed Creason), but it leaves out one vital part of the band’s sound: fun.

Members: Jeff, Matt, Jessica, Henry and Ryan

Find more from Summer Babes HERE

Watch the latest episode of Band In Seattle featuring THE DOLLY ROTTENS and SUMMER BABES HERE

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