Band In Seattle – Episode 104



Funky 2 Death - Credit: Victory Studios

Funky 2 Death – Credit: Victory Studios

Many bands look down their nose at anyone that tries to pigeon hole at what they perceive is their unique sound. In 2012 if there’s one thing that never changes, it’s that music continues to evolve, divide and sub-divide genre’s in to slivers of even more sub-genre’s.

F2D brings one of music’s original genre’s and reminds you of how funk and soul have helped shape American culture as we know it. F2D doesn’t hide the fact that funk and soul is the very foundation of what they are and has shaped their sound because they know that there’s one thing that doesn’t change, the very foundation of American music.

F2D gives you a big welcome to their brand of American roots. It makes you move. You can’t help it. It’s almost involuntary. With influences like the incomparable Parliament/Funkadelic, Motown, Stax Records, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Lyn Collins, Bobby Byrd, Morris Day and The Time.

Members: Mark Mattrey (Bass)
Woogie D (Drums)
Jimmy James (Guitar)
Roc’Phella (Keyboards, Vocals & Drums)
Melissa Montalto (Vocals & Keyboards)
Julian Iacobazzi (Flute, Harmonica & Vocals)

Anthony “Funkscribe” Warner (Keyboards)
Curtis Seals (Keyboards)
Mat Alston (Guitar & Keyboards)
Andrew Nunez (Vocals)

Find more on Funky 2 Death HERE

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