Band In Seattle – Episode 113


The Chasers (credit: Todd Bradly)

The Chasers (credit: Todd Bradly)


Culminating over 40 years experience between the 4 of us as professional musicians, The Chasers bring you top notch, quality, DIY rockstardom rock n roll. We bring you loud, dramatic, heavily groove oriented, pop accessible songs that you can sing along with or fist pump the open skies with. Other examples of of things you could do while listening to The Chasers: Wash your car, feed your pets, break up with your significant other, book a flight, drink, eat, fight, love, quit your job, start a blog about dragees, spend all of your money on us and/or call your mother.


McTuff (credit: Todd Bradly)

McTuff (credit: Todd Bradly)


Hammond organist Joe Doria brings together some of the best of the NW music scene to create a powerful and jaw-dropping funk and jazz sound like you’ve never heard, exhibiting a mix of stellar musicianship, seasoned songwriting and deep groove where no musical stone gets unturned. McTuff is a movin’ and groovin’ adventure that you will not soon forget, featuring the impeccable Andy Coe on guitar, the incredible Tarik Abouzied on drums.

Find more on McTUFF HERE

For clips from this episode go HERE or HERE

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