Redmond, WA – It’s official.  GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® emailed confirmation on Friday that Redmond Town Center and Spirit 103.5 FM broke the World Record for “Most People Dyeing Eggs” at the same time.  The “Official Certificate” will be received in a few weeks and posted in a prominent location in Center Plaza.

The existing record was 317 and this event officially recorded 582 participants.  Redmond Police Chief Ron Gibson and Redmond Fire Department Chief Tommy Smith – stayed after the event to count the dyed eggs, verifying the number.

There were many stringent requirements to make this event official such as dunking the participant’s eggs in unison, keeping his/her egg submerged in the dye for a minimum of three minutes and then simultaneously removing their egg using their spoons.  GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® rules also state that the entire event must be videotaped and photographs supplied, along with documentation from the participants and Official Witnesses.  After reviewing the documentation and videos, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® confirmed the attempt, and provided a “Record Holder” number.  It is now officially recorded on the Guinness World Records® website.

Many people made this happen.  Smith Brothers Farms donated all the eggs, and the Redmond Marriott Town Center boiled them all the night before.  NWCN videotaped the entire event and provided the documentation.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® has confirmed that Redmond Town Center and Spirit 105.3 FM are “Officially Amazing”!


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