The season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries has fans wondering if Mystic Falls will ever be the same again. With the town now being ‘Magic-free’, can humans finally live in peace? There are so many questions, yet no answers from producers on what will happen to this town that’s historically been infiltrated by supernatural beings.
However, the show has begun to cast new members to feature on the show. Season 6 of Vampire Diaries will be welcoming ‘Eureka’ star, Colin Ferguson to the mix. Executive Producer, Julie Plec shares details on his character:

On July 14, Ferguson announced on Twitter that he will be playing the role of Tripp, a militia leader who will “do anything to protect his town.” Looks like Mystic Falls won’t be so peaceful after all. Vampire Diaries is known for not being scared to kill off characters, how long will Tripp last on the show? Ferguson shares:

Do you think Tripp has what it takes to go against Sheriff Forbes and her vampire daughter and friends? Find out what this new villain has in store for Mystic Falls on the sixth season premiere, October 2 at 8pm on KSTW – The CW11


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