What To Watch This Fall

This fall there are some brand new shows coming to the CW that you will enjoy along with your returning favorites! Here’s a quick look into what they will be about and when they are coming out!


If you’re a fan of Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex Girlfriend…

No Tomorrow (Tuesday Oct 4th, 9 PM)

No-Tomorrow-DL-2016What if you were told that in 8 months the world would end? Would you quit your job and finally travel or maybe do something crazy like sky diving? Well that is exactly what Evie Callahan has to consider once the mysterious Xavier Holliday comes into her life and flips it upside down. Xavier believes the world is going to end so why not live out the remaining time to the fullest? Evie, being a rather type A person, has a hard time grasping this whole concept of carpe diem. Now she has to decide if being with Xavier makes her just as crazy or if it means living her life to the fullest. Watching this show is definitely on my “Apocalyst” and you can watch it after The Flash, Tuesdays at 9:00 pm.

If you’re a fan of The Flash or Supernatural…

Frequency (Wednesday Oct 5th, 9 PM)

Frequency-DL-2016If you had a chance to change the past, would you do it? Detective Raimy Sullivan lost her father, an NYPD officer, after he went undercover and got himself killed. Now twenty years later she hears her dads voice coming through his old radio during a storm. It’s him, somehow transmitting from 1996 when he was still alive. Raimy warns her father of his upcoming death in hopes of saving his life. But now that her father survived, everything in the future gets altered. I’ve watched the trailer for this show several times and it looks GOOD. I have a feeling Frequency will quickly become an new favorite to CW fans.

If you’re a fan of The Flash or Arrow or any superhero show…

Supergirl (Monday Oct 10th, 8 PM)

Supergirl-DL-2016Supergirl took off from CBS and has now landed here at the CW! Supergirl is based around Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, or Kara Danvers, to the human world. After not using her powers for years, Kara finally decides she’s ready to embrace who she really is: a superhero. Supergirl also has guest appearances from other superheros like The Flash. And we hear Superman will be making an appearance on the show this season! Since Supergirl will start on its second season, the CW is helping you catch up by playing season 1 Monday nights starting August 1st at 8 PM.


Tuesday, Oct. 4
8 pm The Flash

Wednesday, Oct. 5
8 pm Arrow

Thursday, Oct. 13
8 pm DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Monday, Oct. 17
9 pm Jane the Virgin

Friday, Oct. 21
8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

MIDSEASON RETURNS INCLUDE: The Originals, iZombie, The 100 and Reign.

-CW 11 CreW Member Karly

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