Band In Seattle

Seattle. The town that spawned megastars like Jimi Hendrix, Heart, Pearl Jam and Macklemore. Now, CW11 and Victory Studios have teamed up to bring you, “Band In Seattle”, a show that shines a spotlight on two up-and-coming local bands each week. Their stories, their music, their passion. “Band In Seattle”, Saturday Nights at 11:00 only on CW11.

Band in Seattle – Eps 413 Kuinka

KUINKA Kuinka (meaning “how” in Finnish”) blends folk, indie, pop, electronic, and blues for a genre-bending sound all their own. Currently touring for their new EP “Stay Up Late,” you’ll see that Kuinka’s power in […]

The CW11 – KSTW–09/05/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 412 Afton Prater

AFTON PRATER A small town girl with big time Nashville dreams, Afton Prater brings together country twang with pop sensibilities for catchy tunes you could hear on any country radio station! Saturday, September 2, 2017 […]

The CW11 – KSTW–08/29/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 411 Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR Exploring the harmonic vision of bands like Television and Built To Spill, and using the sonic, gender, and emotional situations of Lou Reed’s “Transformer” as inspiration, founding member Aaron Starkey created Gibraltar to seek […]

The CW11 – KSTW–08/24/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 410 COSMOS

COSMOS COSMOS consists of a collective of creatively gifted artists. They are more than a band — they are a multifaceted mixture of genres that will redefine your perception of Seattle’s sound through a blend […]

The CW11 – KSTW–08/16/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 228 Smokey Brights

SMOKEY BRIGHTS Smokey Brights offers an emotional journey, through a lush landscape, and down an expansive American highway, all through the sounds of their music. A combination of new wave, folk, psychedelia, Memphis soul, and […]

The CW11 – KSTW–08/08/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 208 Thunderpussy

THUNDERPUSSY Thunderpussy is winning audience awards for spectacular live shows led by guitarist Whitney Petty formerly of The Grizzled Mighty, and teamed up with vocalist Molly Sides (This Bitch Don’t Fall off) and bass player […]

The CW11 – KSTW–08/04/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 408 Fine Prince

FINE PRINCE Fine Prince delivers whimsical electro pop sprinkled with charming vocal 4-part vocal harmonies for something truly special. Saturday, July 15, 2017 @ 11pm FIND FULL EPISODES HERE:

The CW11 – KSTW–07/11/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 407 Snuff Redux

SNUFF REDUX Snuff Redux channels some of the best fuzzy punk bands of the 90s, while still maintaining a unique 2017 signature. Their low-key demeanor perfectly contrasts to their loud and gritty rock and roll. […]

The CW11 – KSTW–07/05/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 406 The Women of Band in Seattle

THE WOMEN OF BAND IN SEATTLE The cat’s out of the bag! Band in Seattle is ready to share what they’ve been putting together for their summer special – presenting the women of Band in […]

The CW11 – KSTW–06/27/2017

Band in Seattle – Eps 405 My Goodness

MY GOODNESS My Goodness began as a two-piece blues rock band born from an employee band night, and 7 years later they’ve explored new sounds and expanded to a four piece “reverb drenched indie” machine. Their […]

The CW11 – KSTW–06/20/2017

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