emily owens m.d.


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Leap

MAKING CHOICES — Emily’s decision about starting a relationship with Micah becomes even more complicated when Will hears about it and begins to feel jealous. Emily and Tyra treat an unruly woman, but after learning […]

The CW11 – KSTW–02/05/2013


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Perfect Storm

TAKING CHARGE — When the hospital is inundated with bus crash victims during a winter storm, Emily is assigned to run triage in the E.R. During the chaos, Emily is forced to do an emergency […]

The CW11 – KSTW–01/29/2013


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Teapot

THE TIPPING POINT — When Emily, Will and Cassandra compete against each other to be Dr. Bandari’s research assistant, feelings get hurt when they have to describe each other’s flaws. Emily is determined to solve […]

The CW11 – KSTW–01/22/2013


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And The… Social Experiment

PREDICTING THE FUTURE – After a year long absence, Dr. A.J. Aquino (guest star J.R. Ramirez, “House of Payne”) returns to Denver Memorial, but before he can rejoin the staff, the Chief insists that he […]

The CW11 – KSTW–01/15/2013


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Love Of Larping

BENEATH THE SURFACE – When Emily and Will are assigned a patient dressed as a costumed character, Will automatically suspects that his symptoms suggest a psychotic episode, but Emily is not quite convinced. Dr. Bandari […]

The CW11 – KSTW–01/08/2013


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Good And The Bad

JUDGEMENT CALLS – When the beloved hospital flower delivery man collapses, Emily is determined to diagnose his condition, but she is baffled at his reluctance to get treated. Will and Emily are assigned to a […]

The CW11 – KSTW–12/04/2012


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Question Of Faith

Emily and Tyra’s infant patient seems perfectly normal until they discover she has a condition that forces her parents to make a difficult decision about her future.

The CW11 – KSTW–11/27/2012


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And The Tell Tale Heart

STANDING FIRM OR TRYING TOO – When a drug impaired patient in the ER embarrasses Emily, making her the laughing stock of the hospital, she tries to take Dr Bandari’s advice to be tougher. Emily […]

The CW11 – KSTW–11/20/2012


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Predator

ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT – Emily and Micah are frantic when they discover their patient needs a kidney transplant immediately, but they are baffled when she mysteriously refuses to accept the kidney from her […]

The CW11 – KSTW–11/13/2012


Emily Owens, M.D. – Emily And… The Outbreak

TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – When the surgical interns are given an impromptu medical quiz with a chance to assist in surgery as the prize, only Emily and Cassandra are left standing. After an […]

The CW11 – KSTW–10/30/2012