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Nikita – Inevitability

DIVISION GOES TO PARIS – When Nikita decides Division should take on a government mission to eliminate the President of Chad while he’s in Paris, Alex takes a stand and refuses to participate. Upset that […]

The CW11 – KSTW–03/29/2013


Nikita – The Life We’ve Chosen

AMANDA CAPTURES ALEX – Amanda holds Alex hostage and tells Nikita she will release Alex in exchange for Ari. Michael assigns Nikita and Sean to handle the exchange of prisoners, but Ryan adds Owen to […]

The CW11 – KSTW–03/15/2013


Nikita – Reunion

NIKITA AND AMANDA ARE CAPTURED – In order to gain control of the black box, Amanda makes plans to kidnap Ari’s son Stefan to use him as leverage. Still in Division’s protective custody, Ari begs […]

The CW11 – KSTW–03/08/2013


Nikita – With Fire

ARI SEEKS HELP FROM DIVISION – After Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) gets a tip from Shadowbot that Ari (guest star Peter Outerbridge) is in NY, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Owen (Devon Sawa) swoop in to pick […]

The CW11 – KSTW–03/01/2013


Nikita – Brave New World

NIKITA GOES ON A ROGUE MISSION – Michael (Shane West) gives up his role as a field agent and resumes his role inside Division running Operations. After learning key information from Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford), Nikita […]

The CW11 – KSTW–02/08/2013


Nikita – Survival Instincts

NIKITA AND OWEN TEAM UP TO TAKE DOWN A ROGUE “CLEANER” – Ray (guest star Matt Bushell), a rogue agent, kidnaps his girlfriend Kate (guest star Anna Hopkins), so Ryan (Noah Bean) dispatches the team […]

The CW11 – KSTW–02/01/2013


Nikita – Intersection

BIRKHOFF TELLS NIKITA ABOUT SONYA — Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) tells Nikita (Maggie Q) that Sonya (guest star Lyndie Greenwood) is Amanda’s (Melinda Clarke) mole and not only has Amanda reactivated Sonya’s kill chip but she […]

The CW11 – KSTW–01/18/2013


Nikita – The Sword’s Edge

OWEN RETURNS! – Amanda (Melinda Clarke) sends a rogue Division agent, Anne (guest star Sarah Allen) to spring Owen (Devon Sawa) from a Russian prison, but Owen manages to escape her clutches and sends a […]

The CW11 – KSTW–11/30/2012


Nikita – True Believer

NIKITA STRUGGLES WITH HER ROLE IN THE NEW DIVISION — When Ryan tells Nikita an undercover agent has been arrested and they need to extract her from prison, Nikita questions why Division is continuing to […]

The CW11 – KSTW–11/02/2012


Nikita – 3.0

NEW DIVISION. NEW LEADERSHIP – Ryan (Noah Bean) takes charge of Division with Nikita (Maggie Q) by his side. Their first mission under the new regime is to bring in “The Dirty Thirty,” the rogue […]

The CW11 – KSTW–10/19/2012