Best Chefs Heating Up The Culinary Scene In Seattle

August 14, 2012 1:37 PM

Locals consider Seattle to be a food-loving city that prides itself on having some of the best and freshest ingredients available at its fingertips to satisfy any craving. Fortunately, it also has plenty of outstanding chefs who can take those ingredients and create some true magic in the kitchen that back up the claim. Here are a few chefs that are at the top of their game, helping to define the Seattle food scene.
jasonfraney Best Chefs Heating Up The Culinary Scene In Seattle


Jason Franey
2576 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 283-3313

For many years, Canlis has been known as that place with a killer view. In fact, Canlis is the one place that is a sure bet when you want your evening to go just right, celebrating that special birthday or anniversary. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Canlis brought Chef Jason Franey (one of Food & Wine’s 2011 Best New Chefs) on board. Since his arrival, Franey has been wowing diners with his signature dishes like ramp and ricotta tortellini, the must-have king salmon and, if you feel like splurging, the Muscovy duck (for two).

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littleuncle Best Chefs Heating Up The Culinary Scene In Seattle

(credit: Little Uncle/Facebook)

Wiley Frank and Poncharee Kounpungchart
Little Uncle
1509 E Madison St
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 329-1503

Pop-up restaurants are all the rage. You never quite know when or where a pop up will appear and often times by the time you catch word, the pop up has already moved on. But where most pop ups rely on the mercy of other venues and property owners to lend out their space, chefs Wiley Frank and Poncharee Kounpungchart (PK for short) have claimed their own parcel of land on a busy (and trendy) spot in Capitol Hill. These guys are serving up some seriously authentic Thai street food. Before having their own place to call home, Frank and PK popped up at various venues around the city. But now you know exactly where to find them and they will not disappoint. With dishes like khao soi gai (curry egg noodles, stewed chicken, ginger, pickled mustard and fried shallots), sala bao neua buay (braised beef cheeks in a steamed bun with pickles and fried garlic) and Thai tea to wash it all down, you will see why this pop up is staying put.

cormacmahoney Best Chefs Heating Up The Culinary Scene In Seattle


Cormac Mahoney
Madison Park Conservatory
1927 43rd Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 324-9701

Being named one of the Best New Chefs by Food & Wine magazine could put an undue amount of pressure on some. But that’s certainly not the case with chef Cormac Mahoney who nabbed that prestigious title earlier this year. People from all over the city flock to the Madison Park Conservatory to be dazzled by Mahoney’s latest creations. And it’s safe to say that after checking out his deviled eggs with dungeness crab followed by the hearty double-cut pork chop with fingerlings, olives, cocoa nib and orange gremolata, you’ll see what all of the (deserving) commotion is about.

jasonstratton Best Chefs Heating Up The Culinary Scene In Seattle


Jason Stratton
Cascina Spinasse
1531 14th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 251-7673

If you’re looking for some of the best Italian fare in Seattle, then hop on your vespa and head over to Spinasse and its newly-opened Italian sibling, Artusi, next door. One of the reasons you’ll find the best and freshest Italian cuisine at this “old world meets new world” joint lies squarely on the shoulders of chef Jason Stratton who, two years ago, was tapped by Food & Wine magazine as one of the Best New Chefs.   Seeing sheets of fresh pasta draped over wooden rods as it is prepped for the evening’s meal might be enough to draw you in, but it’s Stratton’s way with the pansôti con noce (ravioli stuffed with winter greens and walnuts) and pulcino con fagioli borlotti (roasted young chicken with stinging nettles and borlotti beans) that will make you want to fly your il Tricolore.

ethanstowell Best Chefs Heating Up The Culinary Scene In Seattle


Ethan Stowell
Anchovies and Olives
How To Cook A Wolf
Staple and Fancy
Ballard Pizza Company
5107 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 659-6033

With so many successful restaurants under Ethan Stowell’s chef apron, you would think that he would be content enough to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor. But Stowell just happens to be one of the hardest working and most humble chefs working in this city. Earlier this year, Stowell opened the doors to his latest venture, Ballard Pizza Company, where you can get fat slices starting at $2.50 with toppings that are just right including guanciale speck and fennel salami to eggplant and Taggiasca olives. If you’re looking for a nice, leisurely sit-down meal, Stowell has you covered with his four other joints spread across town. But if you are looking to grab a quick and satisfying slice before or after a night on the town, look no further than the Ballard Pizza Company.

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