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January 22, 2013 2:37 PM

(credit: Thinkstock)

(credit: Thinkstock)

Running, while healthy, can be a lonely sport at times. True Northwest runners are a special breed. They will run in all kinds of weather and claim that they like it. They feel guilty when they don’t get a good run in. Lucky for Seattleites, the city is home to running groups tailored to each individual’s needs and wants. Whether you are new to running or a seasoned veteran, there is a group for every runner.

Seattle Running Club
7357 29th Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98126

Price: $40 individual/$65 family

Since 2003, the Seattle Running Club has been connecting new and old runners alike. Together, runners inspire each other during races, local events and training runs. The Seattle Running Club has a strong focus on trail running rather than street running. Membership fees include T-shirt or racing singlet, discounts on races and partners with specialty running stores. The Seattle Running Club also keeps up an extensive website with interviews, upcoming events and a thriving Facebook page.

Seattle Green Lake Running Group

Price: free

Many Washingtonians know Green Lake is one of Seattle’s most popular running areas. The paved path around lake is about three miles in length with lots of grass to rest after your urban run. Rain or shine, it is the place to be if you area walker, runner or cyclist. The lake is so popular with runners that it has its own running group. The Seattle Green Lake Running Group community keeps a strict focus on healthy living. Here you’ll find people willing to encourage and challenge you to live and be your best.

Chuckit Running
3217 W. Valley Highway N
Auburn, WA 98001
(206) 391-3448

Price: $150 for six months ($125 thereafter)

ChuckIt was started by Chuck Bartlett, a running coach who knows his stuff and boasts 25 years of experience. It is an on-going program, so you may join at any time, but be prepared to work out hard. The program consists of self-training, group runs and group interval workouts. It offers two meeting locations in Seattle and Kirkland, so there is no excuse not to show up. His website is also packed with training plans, events and a newsletter.

Club Northwest

Price: $50 Individuals/$75 family/$40 students and military

Club Northwest is one of the oldest clubs that focuses not only on running, but also track and field training. Runners of all ability levels are encouraged to join, especially for Sunday group runs. The group encourages non club members to join as well. Each run is hosted by local running “stars” whose stories will keep you motivated. Benefits to being a Club Northwest member include receiving a Northwest Runner magazine subscription, T-shirt, regular invites to quarterly social events, weekly runs on Sundays and discounts on races, running specialty stores and other sponsors.

North Seattle Runners

Price: free

North Seattle Runners is for those living north of Seattle, Edmonds and Shoreline areas and is fairly new, so new attendees get the chance to be the start of something great. NSR isn’t a stuffy group either. Drop ins are welcome and encouraged to join weekend runs. The NSR is basically three groups in one. Each week, runners focus on one of three different distance runs: three to five miles, six to nine miles and more than 10 miles. While Saturday morning runs are the staple of the group, there is room to grow and socialize.

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