CW Stars’ Tweets Of The Week: 1/9-1/15

January 17, 2017 10:47 AM

Welcome to a new edition of the CW Stars “Tweets Of The Week” – check out what your favorite CW Stars were up to last week!

*Please take a moment to read* I love my job. I can honestly say that regardless of the long hours, the (as depicted in this picture) the physical expenditure and emotional withdrawal, I am surrounded by the most talented bunch in the biz. To my #Supergirl family… I love y'all and have the utmost respect for your giftedness and the utmost gratitude for your friendship. @gberlanti @andrewkreisberg @aliadler @sarahsowitty @tengstagram , you've been our fearless leaders along the way and have pushed us all to the artistic limit with creative and uplifting support that we all appreciate more than we can even express. The work we are doing isn't meant to be just entertaining but more so, relative and encouraging in a time that we all need it most. @thecwsupergirl isn't a time slot filler, it's a #movement showing the world that despite our differences, despite how we see ourselves and how others judge us by, we can stand united on one principle… Our differences don't have to dictate our future and/or segregate us. Rather, they offer the opportunity to celebrate and see with new eyes that we can be so much more, can accomplish so much more, for humanity's sake. In the words of #Supergirl herself… We are #strongertogether I'm honored to stand alongside @melissabenoist @davidharewood @mehcadbrooks @jeremymjordan @christophrwood @florianalima (❤) and all the incredible guest royalty who's presence we've been graced by. If we can help one person to discover the superhero they are inside, we've done our job. Not just that, we've accomplished something so much more significant than any accolades we could receive… we've inspired the past, present, and upcoming generations to be #proud of who they are right here and now and #confident of the trails they'll blaze. To all those that've invested in and trusted us along the way, know that you are appreciated and loved.

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New Year detox is going really well…#bachelorseasonproblems 🍷🌹

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#family #happy2017 #spnfamily

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Ok. My work here is done. 📸: @hereisgina

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