Thomas The Intern Reviews The CW’s New Fall Shows

July 10, 2013 11:14 AM

This coming fall, CW is bringing to the television screen, not 3, not 4, but 5 new shows. What may seem as a bit ambitious seems like a great move to me. I believe these upcoming releases are one of the best lineups CW has had to date. See it for yourself by checking out my reviews:


SERIES PREMIERE Tuesday October 15 at 8pm


Wanting more vampires in your life? It’s time to dig your teeth into CW’s new show, The Originals! It’s perfect for avid Vampire Diaries fans who have seen the entire series, and also for people like me, who have been too busy and lazy to catch up on all four seasons of the Vampire Diaries but want in on the vampire hype.

Like life, the show starts off with a baby. Klaus, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid returns to New Orleans, to discover that not only the city has immensely changed but that Hayley is pregnant and claims that Klaus is the father of her baby.

Not only does Klaus have baby momma drama, but he quickly becomes envious of Marcel, who seems to have the entire city wrapped around his finger. Marcel has complete control of New Orleans, making policies such as not allowing witches to practice magic; he’s power hungry and won’t stop until he dominates everything and everyone who dares cross his path.

Seeing Marcel’s realm of power, Klaus begins to conspire with the witches, making it his mission to take back the city and to takeover Marcel’s reign as King because there’s nothing Klaus loves more than power. He works with the witches in protection of his baby and in hopes of changing the ways of the city and putting power back into the hands of the Originals once again.

The Originals isn’t my favorite, of the shows that are coming this fall, but I am definitely intrigued with the darkness that overshadows the show and the cutthroat battle for power among “frenemies”, Klaus and Marcel.


SERIES PREMIERE Wednesday October 9 at 9pm


“The Tomorrow People” originates from the executive producers of both “The Vampire Diaries” (Julie Plec) and “Arrow” (Greg Berlanti). Needless to say, I think we’ve got another hit coming to CW and these producers will not leave us disappointed.

The show is led by Robbie Amell, who happens to be the cousin of Stephen Amell, “Arrow” lead. Like his cousin, Robbie also plays a character that is often found shirtless and has superhero-like abilities such as the three T’s: telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathic communication.

Watching the pilot, I was instantly captivated by the plot of the show. The main character, Stephen is very likable and easy to relate to. Like most teenagers, he’s had a rough year: struggling with the abandonment of his father, loss of most friends, bullying, and consistently disappointing his mother. It seems as though life is out to get him.

Stephen soon learns that he belongs to a group called, “the Tomorrow People,” if you thought that was corny, they also reference themselves as “homo-superiors”. Although they could have thought of some better names to call their kind, you shouldn’t let this stop you from watching the show.

“The Tomorrow People” is filled with action; you’ll have your eyes glued to the screen. My favorite part of the show is the bits of humor thrown into it, Stephen’s younger brother, Luca, is always saying something witty or with sexual undertones to it.

The pilot was a little slow for me and dragged on a bit, but I see a lot of potential.  Be sure to mark your calendars because I have a feeling that after the first few episodes, you’ll grow to love the characters. “The Tomorrow People” has a great storyline going on, and I can’t wait to see where they take the show. 


SERIES PREMIERE Thursday October 10 at 9pm


Reign reminds me of two of my favorite shows: “Gossip Girl” and “Game of Thrones”. With the absence of “Gossip Girl” from television, I was beginning to miss the mischievous world of royalty and all of the sex, drama, and lavishness that came with it.

Luckily, Mary, Queen of Scots is ready to take the reign of the new CW queen – a young woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind and get her hands dirty. Mary has shown that she is no one to be messed with, making Reign, the show I’m most excited for this October.

Mary’s position of power has put a strain on her friendships and I bet that much drama will come about this and that her friends will to push her to gravitate towards the bastard child, Bash, instead of her fiancé, Prince Francis. Will this create a war among the two brothers; will there be a wedding after all? So many questions come to mind when it comes to Reign, you can’t predict what will happen and that’s what I love about it.

The one character that quickly caught my eye was Catherine de’ Medici, Queen of France. It’s clear from the get-go that this royal highness is very much like powerful characters in Game of Thrones. She wants nothing but the best for her son and will manipulate, lie, and kill anyone who gets in Prince Francis’ or her path.

What Catherine wants, she’s going to get and I’m so excited to see the schemes that she plots throughout the series. Reign has shown me that it is a must-watch this October.

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