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CW Star Gossip From Tara Wikoff at CW44/Tampa

With only one more season left of Gossip Girl, everyone has one question in their mind:

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Will Chuck and Blair end up together?

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Their relationship has been tumultuous from the beginning of the show, but if Ed Westwick could have his character Chuck end up with Blair, he would.

“We have had so many cliffhangers at the end of seasons with like, ‘Will Chuck and Blair get together, won’t they?’ and obviously they haven’t,” he told the Grumpy Gentleman. “I mean I’m sure they’re going to give it the fairy tale ending the series deserves. Hopefully, Blair and Chuck will end up together. I would like it to end that way. But as to how, I am not sure how I want to see it happen.”

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We know how Ed Westwick feels about Chuck and Blair, now leave us comments with your opinions on this relationship!