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The Vampire Diaries had a panel at the Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, on the panel was: Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), Zach Roerig (Matt), Paul Wesley (Stephen), Nina Dobrev (Elena and Katherine), Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Michael Trevino (Tyler), Julie Plec (Executive Producer), and Kevin Williamson (Executive Producer), as moderator.

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Williamson says they’ve been filming season 4 for a week and Julie adds, “We’ve been in the writers’ room for a couple of months now. We had a longer stretch to think about it this year…and it feels so fresh. It feels familiar in all the right ways and different in all the right ways.” She adds: “Damon and Stefan will have to deal with that change with her.” Also, graduation coming! “It’s a lot of really good, deep, emotional and twisted stuff.”

Nina says she “felt like a bad-ass” doing the underwater scenes in the season 3 finale and also explains how she will go about playing two different vampire characters. She says playing Elena and Katherine used to be easy because they were so different — vampire and human. Now, it’s “tricky”: “So how to make them different?…I’m going to be figuring it out as we go along.” And this season “she’s constantly going to be struggling with herself and how she’s never wanted to become [a vampire].”

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When asked if Matt Davis’ character, Alaric would be back in the coming season, Julie had this to say, “He definitely has permission from his other show (Cult) to appear. We certainly don’t like living in a world without Matt Davis in our family. So it’s possible.”

Ian says this season Damon will be unapologetic because he’s done everything people asked him to do up until this point. “If [they] don’t like it, [they] can go [mouths f-word] yourself.” Ian also said regarding to the love triangle after Elena’s transformation: “[She’s] going to need help from [Damon and Stefan], and I think the three of them are quite possibly going to learn a LOT about each other. It’s going to be an interesting process.”

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Although it wasn’t all serious talk on this panel, when asked about how to deal with Elena and the Salvatore brothers, Paul’s suggestion for the love triangle was a “Salvatore sandwich.” Paul also jokes that he hasn’t punched Ian yet since shooting began a week ago. The cast threw out some ideas of their own to spice things up on the show (not that it needs it), Zach suggests Matt and Sheriff Forbes hook up… Paul wants to jump in bed with Elijah. They’re joking — we think and Nina wants Katherine to hook up with Elijah. “They can throw each other around!” says Ian. Not sure about Matt and the Sheriff or the man on man vampire action, maybe they should just stick to acting and not the writing process.

Paul, Nina and Ian also attended Entertainment Weekly’s 6th Annual Comic-Con Celebration held at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 14, 2012.

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All we know is that this season of The Vampire Diaries is going to be the best so far and we can’t wait for the season premiere, Thursday, October 11th!

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