Welcome to the Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!)

Check out this week’s tweets to find out which stars have been reunited, cute animals (yes, that’s plural, more than one), and some on site photos from the sets of your favorite shows.

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Also, you’ll find some inspiring words from one of the Stars, can you guess who? Continue reading to find out this and more below.

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Ian Somerhalder’s on set shooting the first scene of the upcoming season and posted this sneak preview photo on his Instagram. Hm, I wonder who’s back?

What do you know? The Vampire Diaries join in on the fun, check out their special cover on the TV Guide Magazine. The cover photo can be found on http://mediatogo.thewb.com/

Steven R. McQueen celebrates his birthday!

While he celebrates his birthday, co-star Candice Accola celebrates something better: Free Slurpee Day at 7/11! Check out her photo below from her Instagram account.

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/


Aw how cute, Katie Findlay poses for photos with co-stars Stefania Owen and Brendan Dooling for Instagram, as they are reunited once again to film season 2 of the Carrie Diaries.

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/


Host, Jamie Kennedy is with the best “homey” that ever existed. Cute animals are meant to be seen on the internet.

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/


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Like I said, cute animals deserve to be on the internet. Truffles could steal my pillow any day! Scott Porter better watch out, I might have to take Truffles for my self.

Photo Courtesy: http://instagram.com/

Photo Credit: http://instagram.com/

Also looks like there’s another birthday to celebrate this week. Happy Birthday, Scott Porter!


Paul Blackthorne snaps a shot of the one and only, Arrow on set. See if you can spot him out!

Photo Credit: htts://twitter.com/

Photo Credit: htts://twitter.com/

Looks as though Paul has quite the talent with candid photos. But that’s not all he can do; seems as though his butt is quite the expert at communicating its thoughts to the world. See his butt tweets below.


Looks like Knepper’s a napper! Check out this photo Robert Knepper tweeted of himself casually chillin’ on set, ya know?


After so many tragedies took place this week, Aisha Tyler tweets motivating words to her followers.

Come back next week to get the latest news on what’s happening with the CW Stars. With the Stars back on set, shooting for the upcoming seasons, you never know what you’ll be able to find on here!

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