Welcome to the Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!)

This week, we have a whole lot of red, white, and blue – celebrating America’s 237th birthday. Are you ready for some star spangled banner? We’re here to reveal what the CW Stars did with their Holiday weekend.

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See your favorite CW Stars in fun and hilarious Vines (this may be your last chance before Instagram takes over!); perhaps there’s a sneak preview of the Tomorrow People, from Robbie Amell, himself? Watch Robbie’s cousin, Arrow star, Stephen Amell as he celebrates for the 4th of July. And find out which Stars are having a blast with those little minions.

Keep reading for these and more tweets from your favorite CW stars.

Supernatural logo

TV Guide’s looking good with Jared Padalecki on their special Comic-Con cover. You could say, he’s super natural with the camera. See it for yourself on the preview below, shown at http://mediatogo.thewb.com/

Jared P

TVD Logo

Even overseas, this Vampire Diaries Star is being patriotic over in Italy!


What could possibly be in Ian Somerhalder’s hand?  Well, a big. Fat…. Manuscript. Hope you  haven’t been too thirsty lately, the blood sucking show will be back on as soon as we know it. Photo of the script comes from Ian Somerhalder’s Instagram account.

Ian 2

Steven R. McQueen had fans tweeting left and right, getting everyone to vote for him for the Teen Choice Awards. McQueen is one of very many stars to be nominated for an award!

Steven Mcqueen, TCA

Candica Accola, was one of the other stars that was nominated. She definitely knows how to have a good time, watch her vines of her getting down with some Jenga and fireworks.

Jenga link: https://vine.co/v/hWndzQxnhrb

Fireworks link: https://vine.co/v/hWrJDnaMDlK

Are you prepared for the return of The Vampire Diaries? Take a look at this on-set photo below that comes from Nina Dobrev’s website. She tweeted the photo of co-star Candice Accola posing during a shoot of season 5! Can somebody say, action?



Speaking of action, there ain’t no better place to party and get wild for the 4th, like Vegas! Dillon Casey of Nikita knows what’s up!

dillon casey

What made this weekend so legendary? Let’s take a look at a couple of his vines.




Looks like these little minions have captured the hearts of many CW stars, including Hart of Dixie’s, Scott Porter. Check out the photo he posted on Instagram, below!

scott porter


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Host of new CW show, Perfect Score was also hit with the Despicable Me daze. Arielle poses with the minions for a photo she posted on Instagram. Who can blame her? They’re just so cute!



“Whose Line is it Anyway?” is debuting next week, host, Aisha Tyler guarantees it will be a hit you won’t want to miss.

Aisha Tyler, Whose Line shoutout


90210’s Jessica Lowndes takes advantage of the summer weather by getting in touch with nature. Watch out, she’s on a boat!

Boat link: http://instagram.com/p/bdnO_lnwsQ/

Hiking link: http://instagram.com/p/bgSDGcHwp6/


Katie Findlay speaks some serious truth, not sure what to do in a situation? Remember her wise words of, “enter all situations, pants first.” Also, who doesn’t love seeing CW stars pose with cute animals? Findlay takes a selfie with her cat and posted it on her Instagram, that, right there is a nice kitty.

Katie Findlay, pants-cat


Most people take the Monday after 4th of July weekend to relax and ease into work. Not the case for Joseph Morgan, looks like he’s had one hell of a day – and, before lunch, too.

Joseph Morgan, before lunch


“The Originals” star, Joseph Morgan makes it look so easy to have a productive day. Kind of hard to do that when you’re down in the dumps and all you can smell is piss… Sorry Katie Cassidy, maybe next week you’ll find better parking!

Katie Cassidy, piss

Bring on Season 2, because we all need some more Arrow in our lives to shove us into the right direction…  What is the right direction? Anyway towards the one and only, Stephen Amell.


Holla at your boy Stephen Amell, looks like he has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. Can you say, ‘murica!?


Video link: https://vine.co/v/hWvqABldlVI


It seems as though being awesome and doing unnaturally human things runs in the family. Sorry Stephen, but I gotta say your cousin Robbie has officially one-upped you on this one. Be sure to watch CW’s new show, “The Tomorrow People” on October 9, 2013 at 9 PM.


Video link: https://vine.co/v/hWvA9THInTm

Want to see more funny vines, or photos of cats? Be sure to come back next week to check out the latest trends happening this summer.

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