Hey it’s the CW11 CreW and we’re in Seattle this summer hitting up the hottest places around in search of the best of the best. That’s right, we’re hunting down all the CW fans to give them a shot at stardom! We’ve got nail-biting games, endless hugs and a CreW that just wants to have fun. So don’t be shy; either come to us, or we’ll track you down to give you, your 5 minutes of fame. Who knows, maybe you’ll win a prize or two.

photo The CW11 CreW 2013

Thomas Nguyen

Hey everyone, my name’s Thomas Nguyen, your 2013 CW11 CreW member and classic Seattleite. Don’t believe me? I love anything that’s manufactured with the Starbucks logo on it, if it says Starbucks, I’m buying it. If I could marry a Starbucks barista, I would – free drinks? Yes.

I strangely enjoy the bipolar weather that comes to the 206; it gives me an excuse to go puddle jumping instead of cramming for my economics test the next day. I cram for these tests at the University of Washington, where I’ll be majoring in Business and minoring in the self-indulgence of frozen yogurt (because let’s face it, college can be rough and froyo makes everything better).

My favorite things to do are to Snapchat my friends, sing poorly while driving, and do anything that gives me an excuse to wear my onesie suit out in public. Sadly, I don’t really find many events where this is suitable other than sitting in front of my TV with a fat bowl of cereal and milk.

But hey, I’m not complaining. I used to feel bad, thinking I should probably be at the gym instead of turning into a couch potato. But now that I’m back at CW11, I just tell myself I’m educating myself, doing preparation for work. Best. Homework. Ever. Can I just earn a degree in TV watching instead? Now that would be living the life.

11 The CW11 CreW 2013

Shaneika Lai

My name is Shaneika, but I go by Shan. I was born on Guam – no I did not live in a hut and fish for my daily meals (although I do love fishing).

Guam was an amazing place to grow up. The island is only about 30 miles long and 12 miles wide  (¾ the size of Los Angeles). Imagine waking up every weekend and being able to take a 10-minute drive to the beach to free dive, cliff jump, fish or the obvious…TAN. Yeah…that was my reality.

You’re probably wondering why I left this life of paradise to come to the “mainland” or “the states” – wait…why am I here again? All jokes aside, I’ve always wanted to pursue a career as a DP (Director of Photography) in Narrative television. When I can’t articulate the thoughts in my head, film translates for me.

Anyway, keep checking in this summer to see my adventures as a CW11 intern! It may not seem too interesting but trust me, I put on a good show – get it?

– Thomas Nguyen & Shaneika Lai/KSTW-The CW11 


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