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Twitter was blowing up this week with tons of photos and feedback of the popular event, Comic Con. If you weren’t there, you’re missing out – thankfully, you have us to catch you up on what the CW stars were doing there!

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Continue reading to learn more about Comic Con and find out which CW Star put antiperspirant on their face, can you guess who? Also see who I think should be named, “King of Radical shirts” (photos included).

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Curious on how to “twerk”? No worries, Nina Dobrev’s got the hookups, check out the Vine she tweeted below.

Ian Somerhalder turns 35 and is working with his foundation to improve our environment one step at a time. See his website for more info on how you can help.

On top of tackling global issues, Ian has other #GMB to adhere to such as his baby… cat.

The best thing about Comic Con is seeing CW products. Backpacks with Stars faces on them are one of the few things spotted during this event. Continue reading to see even more cool items!

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

It’s not always fun and games when working on set of the Vampire Diaries. Take a look for yourself below, now I call that hard work. Just kidding; can I get someone to do this for me at work? Now that would be the best job ever.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Kat Graham and costars cram into a photo booth at Comic Con for an adorable set of photos. Can you say, cute?

Wondering how the Vampire Diaries stars managed to look so hot at Comic Con? Star Candice Accola reveals their secret, she packed extra blood bags to share with her lovely vampires.


When Carrie Diaries Stars aren’t shooting on set, they like to go out and have some fun. Here they are at a meatball shop, and look, they make balls!

If you want to have a good show like the Carrie Diaries, sometimes you need to make sacrifices. You know, like going the extra mile and taking a nap for your co-workers. Katie couldn’t be more right, rest is so very crucial.

It seems as though the cast of the Carrie Diaries is big, happy family. If they’re not on set working together, they’re out in town having fun, or kicking back laughing with one another. Aw, look at the love right there.


Poor Dillon Casey, he put antiperspirant on his face. One would think that would work, but sadly for him, it didn’t. Know any secret remedies for Dillon? Let him know by giving him a shout-out on Twitter!

Along with the Vampire Diaries, the Nikita cast was also at Comic Con where they sat on panels and met tons of their fans. Noah Bean posts this cool shot with the audience!


While most of us are enjoying our summer, CW stars are hard at work filming so we can enjoy our favorite shows later this fall. Who else is excited for season 3 of Hart of Dixie? I know I am!

I know you’ve all been waiting for this. Who is this “King of Radical shirts”? Well here he is, (drum-roll please) it’s none other than Scott Porter! Check out the series of photos and tweets he posted while at Comic Con and take a look at his sweet t-shirts! If you could win at Comic Con, Scott would be a winner.

Check out this gnarly spider man shirt, where can I get one?

Godzilla and ninjas? ‘Nuff said.

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And last but not least, Scott gets character-ized, he most definitely is a superhero, especially in Hart of Dixie!


Aisha makes Unicorn poop cookies sound so good… especially with all the farting. Think Aisha’s tweet is funny? You haven’t seen anything yet, check her out on Whose Line Is It Anyway, where she’s even more hysterical!

Colin Mochrie shares very good advice for watching the show, be sure to get some face paint before the next episode!

Beauty and the Beast

Jay Ryan joins the CW bunch at Comic Con!

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Star, Austin Basis meets a new friend at Comic Con. Looks like it was love at first “byte” for this bromance.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Brian White shares a bit of inspiring advice. CW fans, be sure to keep on smiling and pass on the happiness!


Stephen has a good time at the Entertainment Weekly party with boneless wings.

Oh, did I forget to mention it was  his friend Boneless Wings, not actual boneless wings? Look at that splash!

Check out Stephen Amell with Supernatural star, Jared Padalecki… or at least with his face. Where can I get a poster that big of myself?!

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

CW has never looked so better. Check out these awesome kicks that Stephen wore for Comic Con. CW custom to the max!!

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Stephen says it’s tough to expect what’s going to happen on Season 2 of Arrow. Have any guesses? Let me know in the comment section below!

When Stephen’s on set, co-star Willa Holland leaves no time to take over his territory. Be sure to come back every week to see more on and off-set photos of CW stars!

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

ANTM Show Page

It’s almost time for cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model!! Host Tyra Banks starts the two week countdown. So who do you think will dominate? Men or women, got a specific model you’re rooting for? Let me know!

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Tyra gives the best advice anyone can give you. Eat cake. Eat lots of it. You know what’s even better? Celebrate each episode of America’s Next Top Model with a slice of cake, tune in Fridays at 8pm starting August 2.

Want to eat more cake? Make it a light cake and eat twice as much! Or if you’re working on keeping that summer booty… wait, that’s no excuse. Eat cake anyway, because a moment on the lips, forever on the hips (this will help you twerk like Vampire Diaries Star, Nina Dobrev).

(Gotta love that hashtag, Tyra.)

Remember, eat lots of cake, master twerking, and find some rad shirts like Scott Porter and you’ll be acting like the finest CW Star. Be sure to come back next week where I’ll have more wonderful tweets from your the people that make up your favorite CW shows!

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