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This week: Two CW Stars kissed! Can you guess who? We see people’s obsession and love for animals – some cute, some a tad bit weird.

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And find out who told a bunch of kids to shut up in a movie theater! Keep on reading to find out this and more.


Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Things are beginning to get heated on the show. Could it be after all these years, the two are more than “just friends”?


Alona shows her love for animals. Perhaps she likes them a little bit too much? Sorry, but I’d prefer to not see jungle animals at Target while I’m shopping. Maybe they can be honorary non-human people, in the future.


Throw on your grillz, and let’s go celebrate because our girl, Katie Cassidy is soo hood. Check out the photo she posted on Instagram, Digging the hoodie, Katie – you can be my homie any day.


Scott Porter, Star from Hart of Dixie arrives at the purple carpet for the premiere of one of the hottest movies released this summer – The To Do List. Where are those parachute pants he mentioned in his tweets last week? It’s OK though, he’s still looking good like always!

OhSit 16x9

Never think that you can’t make a change in the world. Look at the powers of Jamie Kennedy. Hey, you may not find the cure for Cancer but you for sure can show those “cool” middle schoolers who’s boss.

Supernatural 16x9

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Check out this photo posted on Instagram of Supernatural Stars. Who wouldn’t feel safe in the protection of Jared? That superman cape couldn’t have looked better on anyone else.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

TheCarrieDiaries 16x9

Stefania Owen who plays Doris on Carrie Diaries, reunites with Bear Bear. I believe this showmance has carried on, off camera too. I vote them, cutest couple of the Carrie Diaries!

Looks like the Carrie Diaries family is at it again. The cast is never short of fun and like always, Katie loves filling us in on what they’re up to. Nothing screams of love like the combination of frisbees and frolicking at midnight.

Can you spot what I’m seeing in the picture of Star, Brendan Dooling? It’s hard to miss all that awesome PLAID on set. Can you say, #twinning? No, but you have got to love adorable AnnaSophia Robb photo-bombing them in the back.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com/

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com/

TVD Logo

Ian… I feel you. And my feelings of how I feel towards your feelings, feel felt.

All types of feelings are being Tweeted on Twitter each week. With August quickly approaching, who do you think’s going to end their month on a good note? Bring on the good news, those vents of annoyance, and of course, spoilers and on-set photos we all love! Be sure to come back next week for this and more.

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