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This week we’ve got more than you could ask for. See who is and isn’t pregnant, maybe it’s a Star – maybe it’s nobody you know. Also continue reading to see celebrity selfies, photos on set, and much more. The surprise awaits you!


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We can always rely on Jamie Kennedy for a nice chuckle or two on Twitter. This man stops at nothing when it comes to humor. Maybe she should have thought twice before being so rude.


I’m not posting this because it’s another cute animal that a CW Star has tweeted. But it’s to say that if I ever need a babysitter, I would not go to Lyndsy with my baby. Off to work and the poor little baby isn’t even buckled in. Just kidding, I’m posting this because every week needs to consist of an adorable furry friend.

Is it just me, or am I the only one who loves celebrities who take selfies? Check out Shane in his trailer… you would think a trailer wouldn’t look that nice. It looks way more fancy than my dorm room. Can you say, jealous? Trade me, Shane!!


This week I learned that the Carrie Diaries Star, Annasophia Robb has great taste in music. I approve Annasophia, I approve. Do you also want to see Matt and Kim live, like her? Enter in CW11’s 2013 Bumbershoot Ticket Giveaway by  clicking here.

Check out Austin’s awesome (new?) ride! Hopefully we’ll be seeing his character driving this bad boy around, in season 2 of the Carrie Diaries.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com/

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com/


Hart of Dixie’s Scott and Wilson keep it classy in the Summer with their trendy short sleeve shirts. Look at them strike a pose! Too bad we can’t watch them on the 20th cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

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My favorite part of following CW Stars on Twitter? Seeing their awesome photos on set! Bluebell, hurry up and show up on my TV screen, getting too anxious for new episodes.

Looks like someone isn’t a Belieber… But I’ve got to say, Wilson Bethel couldn’t give better advice to the 14 year-olds of today. If you have a Bieber related email, keep quiet and just forget you had it.. no one has to know.

Supernatural 16x9

Ever wonder how they film such cool shots in hit shows like Supernatural? It’s because of talented cameramen like Brad, himself. Check out this photo from the set of Supernatural. Thumbs up to you, Brad and all the great cameramen out there.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com/

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com/

TVD Logo

Not going to lie. I barely watch the Vampire Diaries and had no idea what these rings were. They look pretty awesome though. Apparently they’re Damon and Stefan’s rings. Either way, I love photos that CW Stars take while filming! If a ring or two gets lost… it wasn’t me.. 😉

Holla at all the Vampire Diaries Stars going up for the Teen Choice Awards. Be sure to vote for them. Let’s bring home the awards, baby!

Sadly, August has creep up on us and school is right around the corner. Here’s a quick educational lesson to everyone: protect your social media accounts and watch for spam. Remember to always log off and do what Zach Roerig did, delete whatever spam was posted (this is the reason why the tweet won’t show – I promise).

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