Anyone who was around in the 90s remembers Amanda Bynes as the funny, quirky and relatable teenager who appeared in popular shows like All That and What I Like About You. Nowadays, Bynes has stepped out of her funny and lovable ways to become one of the most negatively talked about child stars in the media. Bynes’s odd behavior started in 2010 after she announced she was retiring, then un-retiring from acting via her Twitter account, which she later deleted.

Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Fast forward about two years to April 2012, when Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence and accused of two hit-and-run accidents.  Since these auto incidents and creating a new Twitter account, Bynes has continually remained in the headlines with her absurd tweets and disobeying of the law. Recently, Bynes took to wearing outlandish wigs in various court appearances, including a waist-length aqua colored one that she wore to court July 9 as she faced a judge on charges of marijuana possession, tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment (CNN).

If the criminal charges and strange hair styles don’t seem out of the ordinary for a wild former child star, Bynes has also developed  penchant for insulting fellow public figures on Twitter. Followers, fans and everybody in between are privy to her personal thoughts, which include an array of opinions of rapper Drake. Bynes’s tweets about Drake range from how she alternatively finds the rapper hideously “ugly” and “the man of [her] dreams.”

However, her Twitter attacks did not end there, as Bynes has called over 10 other celebrities “ugly” or something worse, including President Obama and his wife Michelle, Miley Cyrus, Perez Hilton and Rihanna.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

These tweets have streamed in for a few months and only slowed down once Bynes was interned in a psychiatric ward after starting a fire in a stranger’s driveway.  Officials at the scene decided to intern her against her will under 5150 W&I (California Welfare & Institutions Code), saying Bynes fit the criteria.  Since her involuntary stay at the psychiatric hospital and discussions that her parents will seek a conservatorship, Bynes has not tweeted or spoken publicly.

Natalie Geisler/ CBS Local


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