Welcome to the Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!)

It’s what you’ve been waiting for… I’ve posted tweets about this huge event and it finally took place last week! That’s right, the Teen  Choice Awards. Sadly, like mentioned, CW Stars are still hiding on Twitter — either that or they’ve blocked me… I guess that’s what I get for creeping on these Stars every week haha

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Regardless of that, we still have some coverage of the event and more. Continue reading to find on set photos and those tweets you love and adore.

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We can always rely on Steven McQueen to cover any events, I mean he did blow up my Twitterfeed on the daily, retweeting his fans vote tweets. Thank you, Steven for loving your fans and for your awesome vines! (Check out more vines by visiting his Twitter account.)

Who else is wanting Kat to have a dance showdown now? Tweet at her to post videos of her dancing!!

Gotta love those vampire pick up lines. They really are a biter! Comment with your favorite vampire (or normal) pick up lines, below!

Why on earth would mommy Morgan and Joseph’s girlfriend leave before the burning of the corpses? (Never thought I’d ever use the words “burning” and “corpses” in the same sentence, there’s a first for everything!) Who wouldn’t want to miss out on that?!


Be sure to vote for Shane West and the rest of the Nikita cast for next year’s Teen Choice Awards. Together we can get it done!

The Nikita cast sure do know how to eat. How do I get one of these at work?

Devon Sawa posted a photo of his script for the episode, “Set-Up”. Any guesses on what it’s going to be about?

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Noah Bean posted this photo on set where they shot 5 days straight in “belly of the beast”. Nikita actors are beasts, themselves!


One of my favorite things in life is seeing celebrities out of their day clothes. Also, Stefania seems so much more sweet than the character she plays, Dorrit. Who else agrees?

Freema posing with her Carrie Diaries BOIIIZ. Gotta love those model faces, are those smizes I see? I think we’ve got models set for America’s Next Top Model, next cycle.

Photo Credit: http://twitter.com

Speaking of smize-ing… be sure to catch up on this cycle — you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!!


Like always, Jamie Kennedy doesn’t stop short in giving us some wise words. They are very, Jamie Kennedy, like. #PreachIt Jamie!


Host, Aisha Tyler meets Selena Gomez! Adorable? Agreed.

In the words of Gomez’s hit song, if you’re ready come and get it — that’s to you CW Stars!! Get to it and tweet some more for your beloved intern and CW fans. I’ll bribe you with lots of hugs (that way I can actually meet you too :D).

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– Thomas Nguyen/KSTW-The CW11