Although ‘the Tomorrow People’ won’t be returning to CW this fall, don’t say your goodbyes just yet. On July 9, it was announced that former Tomorrow People lead, Robbie Amell, will be playing the role of Ronnie Raymond on ‘The Flash’.

On the show, Ronnie is the alter ego of DC superhero, Firestorm. Looks like Amell himself will continue to have superpowers after all!

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Flash was first introduced in the hit series, ‘Arrow’ where Robbie’s cousin stars at the title character. Does this mean there’s a chance that the two Amells will cross paths on screen this fall? One would hope – TV has never been more exciting.

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Be sure to watch the series premieres on Tuesday, October 7 at 8/7c to see your favorite stars in action. The infamous Amellsday, continues.

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