For years, we listened to Serena van der Woodsen’s innermost thoughts as told by Gossip Girl. Every intimate moment of her life was narrated through someone else’s cold and unfeeling words.

Blake Lively must be holding on to some Gossip Girl traumas because her views have changed. After years of allowing Serena’s story to be told from the eyes of a bystander, the woman behind the young socialite has had enough. Blake and her team have put together an amazing new form of story telling called Preserve.

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Preserve is a website dedicated to telling the stories of it’s artisans, authors and vendors. Preserve proudly proclaim that their wish is to preserve the stories, traditions and passions of those who participate. “In our ongoing quest for knowledge, these are our PRESERVE passions…”

With launch day upon her, Blake embodied her role as editor and explained her mission. She began by saying,

“I am hungry, though… not just for enchiladas. I’m hungry for experience.”

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This is why we love her! Great start, I’m hooked. She continued by explaining her personal experiences with people in her travels . She said,

“I’ve found that when approached with a curious spirit, people are kind, they’re generous, they answer, if asked. They’ll often open their doors and hearts and let you in. Because people with wisdom have stories to tell, and want them heard.
Everyone has a story to tell. This idea is the cornerstone of Preserve.”

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Featured Artisan: Orlando Palacios on

The last few lines are my favorite. Blake explains what Preserve is to her. She says,

“As I wrap up, I have to recognize who Preserve really is now, before we’ve met you. “Preserve” isn’t me. It’s a handful of the most dedicated, soulful, wise, patient people I’ve ever had the honor of working alongside. People who’ve filled the pages of this site with a force of passion, talent and integrity. I’m grateful for our countless late nights building a home out of pixels, light and imagination.

We have a true team at Preserve, one that I acknowledge and thank my lucky stars for more often than I tell them. Although we may be tight knit, there will be no one more influential to the direction of Preserve, than you.

We’ve created this space to multiply our experiences. So isn’t just the U.S. It’s all of us.

With excitement and sincerity,


I’m very excited about the launch of the site and I have already begun my hunt through the pages of Preserve. Congrats to Blake and her team!

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