The question I’ve heard about a million times since finals ended, “What are you doing for the summer?” Well, it’s officially past noon and I haven’t been kicked out of the building yet so it is safe to say I am interning at CW11. However, there’s still some time left in the day, I’ll keep updating just in case.

I survived the Mercer madness exit to come to the building whose address I typed into my GPS a million times to try and figure out the best way to get there. There is no best way. I started off the day by having my social security card run off on me and heart beating so fast I thought everyone could hear it (Edgar Allen Poe style). I was then run through the office where I had quick introductions. I hope to get away with ‘Hey, you’s until I have names down.

So you may be wondering who this random intern is writing to you. I’m Shaun Bush, spelled the weird way. I attend Washington State University where majoring in English means I hear barista jokes all the time and triple minoring means I hear sighs of pity all the time. If I’m not annoying my cat and dog with love or bossing my brothers around, check the internet to find me. If I’m not there, call 911 because obviously something is very wrong.

My first internship activity was to observe a headshot shoot (say that ten times fast) with CW11’s Jacquie Brown. I remembered my own headshots in theatre and recognized the language, ‘Chin to the camera, no head tilting,’ all these directions to get the perfect shot. A compromise was made.

Now, why am I here at CW11? Well, I’m really hoping a director will get lost and come to my desk for directions where he’ll then cast me as the star of his next show. Or to figure out how much money I’ll be making once my coup of CW11 succeeds. Or to what point I can thrust free t-shirts upon people so that they’ll talk to me.

Hopefully my sarcasm learns its limit, I got at least a chuckle out of you, and I figure out how get my chair to lower and rise because I’m five feet tall. That’s important for me to know. For now, hello everyone.

-Shaun, newest member of the CW CreW


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