Most summer jobs are the bane of a college student’s existence and by the second day the minutes are clawing their way by, but mine is the exact opposite. It’s fantastic! Today, my job was to watch TV. No kidding.

Only a crazy person would pass up watching TV shows for work. The first show up was The Vampire Diaries, since I needed to know if Damon looked as good without a beard as he does with one (the answer is he does, by the way).

I knew beforehand that the show was in the romance genre, I expected some cheesy opening lines over a sunrise or something else mildly nauseating. That was not what I got. Instead there was a hit and run and then a double murder within the first five minutes. Talk about a hook.

Vampires have taken a disappointing turn in the past few years, so when crows and fog starting creeping in I was pleased. A breath of fresh air in the form of traditional, terrifying vampires. Additionally, the leading lady proved just as refreshing with actual social skills. Overall the show impressed me by avoiding clichés and earned its place in my Netflix list.

But questions still remain; how did so many attractive people end up in one high school, why has no one noticed that all these people are much too old to be in high school in the first place, how many episodes I can cram into a twenty four hour period?

At least one of these questions will be answered this weekend. Next up is the other version of the undead: iZombie.

-CW CreW Member Shaun


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