CW CreW Member Shaun here today to bring you the past week’s tech news!

Apple finally got into the streaming game when it launched its new music streaming service Apple Music. The service has a free trial period and then becomes a paid service. While normally a new Apple release is met with large coverage, it has been mostly overshadowed by Apple’s fight with singer Taylor Swift. No need to worry though, the two have made up.

Contrary to making up, they say breaking up is hard to do. Well, not anymore, especially now that there’s an app for that. The app comes with pre-made reasons for the break-up or a song that can be used as well. For now, not many are downloading the app and it seems to be more for humor than harm. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a Scottish man singing to them about their face making their boyfriend sick?

In other app news, a new app is on its way that’s being called the ‘Tinder’ for jobs. The app will allow people to upload a resume and look for positions. Companies are able to search for potential employees. Pretty soon we’ll be swiping right and left for everything!

Moving on from apps, “Back to the Future” fans have something to look forward to as Lexus works on a hoverboard. The hoverboard is lifted by magnets that so far only work on a special track. So fans will have to keep waiting, as Lexus has made it clear that they’re not in the hoverboard business.



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