It’s a throwback Thursday for CW11’s video game highlight of the week! Creating one of the most popular franchises in video games, Nintendo took the world by storm when it released the classic Super Mario Brothers.

The game Super Mario Brothers introduced us all to our beloved Italian plumber, Mario, and his brother, Luigi. And these brothers went on to more adventures in saving the princess (Peach, who cannot seem to get a break from being captured), to racing cars, to exploring haunted mansions. These two have even gathered other Nintendo characters in all-out brawls (though Mario and Luigi sometimes struggle against their more armed friends).

While Super Mario Brothers was in released in 1985, the newest brothers’ game will be released this year. This time allowing the player to create their own levels (it’s like Minecraft and Mario had a baby, the due date is September).

Since Super Bros has been converted to nearly every Nintendo console it’s not difficult to enjoy some nostalgia; breaking bricks, jumping on bad guys, collecting coins.

That main theme song stuck in your head yet? It’s stuck in mine. Help.

-CW CreW Member Shaun


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