CW CreW Member Shaun here today to bring you the past week’s tech news!

It’s always a big reveal when Apple releases something new, so a sneak peek at the new iOS 9 raises anticipation! The changes range from battery life options to giving Siri more answering abilities. Apple users will finally be free from the mockery of their Droid friends by being able to enter power save mode (yay!).

Selfies and Star Wars! Two things we never thought we’d hear together. The new Star Wars app hilariously combines the two as your face is plastered onto the classic characters. While the movie won’t be out until later this year, fans can alleviate some of the waiting pains with the new app.

Ever get the suspicion your friends list is getting smaller? That there are less updates in your news feed? Well, there’s a way to test that suspicion! The app ‘Who Deleted Me’ keeps track of which friends are leaving you in the digital realm. Released and deleted back in February, it’s returned with updates! Now it’ll be easier than ever to know who’s a friend online and off.

While everyone else seems to be beefing up products, GoPro is downsizing its newest release. The new Hero4 doesn’t boast the image quality that its older brothers have, but it does have an increased audio quality. So if you’re tired of wind deafening your biking videos, just wait!


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