This week’s CW11 video game highlight takes a look at the game that changed the meaning of the word ‘creeper’ with Minecraft!

Until Minecraft came along it didn’t seem possible that hearing, “Oh man! I got killed by lava, again,” would become normal. Minecraft created a new standard for survival games, from accidentally flooding a cave to being blown up by Creepers (essentially walking bundles of TNT).

You don’t know true fear until you hear a Creeper in a dark cave. And you can’t find it.

The game isn’t always about survival; as players can enter creative mode where they have the freedom to make whatever they please. I tried to build a tower once. I accidentally burned it down.

Last year Microsoft bought Mojang (the studio that owns Minecraft), which left everyone wondering what would be next for the game. Finally, the plan was revealed when Microsoft announced its plan to use Minecraft in education. So pretty soon students might be assigned nightly gaming homework.

Maybe my first assignment will be to rebuild my tower, without any fire nearby this time.

CW CreW Member Shaun


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