CW CreW Member Shaun here today to bring you the past week’s tech news!

Yik Yak, the anonymous posting app that never gets itself into trouble (can’t even say that with a straight face!) has added a new feature: pictures. Don’t get too worried though! The pictures have to go through processing by moderators before they can be posted. So now you can share your meals on Instagram and Yik Yak!

Everyone knows Legos; whether it’s using them to build cities or stepping on a stray brick a little sibling forgot to pick up. So what could possibly be a better use for Legos than helping kids with prosthetic limbs? The project is still being tested, but the video displaying how the spaceship works on the limb is pretty exciting!

The world of tech lost someone important when Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unexpectedly passed away. People have turned to the internet to share their remembrances of Satoru Iwata. His passion for his company and his industry never dwindled and his openness to fans drew many to him. Soon Nintendo will have to choose a successor, but for now it’s time to remember one of gaming’s biggest fans.


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