CW CreW Member Shaun here today to bring you the past week’s tech news!

When it comes to music there is the never ending quest to have the playlist that just gets you. Spotify wants to be the one that brings you that playlist with its new Discover Weekly feature. The new feature looks at your music taste to bring you the songs you didn’t even know you wanted to listen to!

You’re pulling a homework all-nighter when the growling begins; the dining center is closed though. Then, every college students’ dream comes true with the service that can bring chipotle to your dorm room! The start-up, EnvoyNow, acts as a delivery service between food vendors and campuses. Pretty soon that eight am class might be a little better with a freshly delivered Starbucks in hand.

Have you ever been following your Google Maps when you pass by a restaurant that smells great? You think ‘I’ll go back later’, but can’t remember where it was on the route. Google Maps can fix that with its new timeline feature! Google assures users the feature is private and you can opt out if you want. This timeline is like a vacation collage for the 21st century!

You see them every day, it’s where you dump your used coffee cups and play office basketball: trashcans. Trashcans in New York City are getting a serious upgrade though as they become Wi-Fi capable. That means no more worrying about your phone data while killing time waiting for the bus. So if you don’t mind the smell of yesterday’s trash, you can catch up yesterday’s news!


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