You creep around the corner, thunder pounds outside, no one else is supposed to be in the house. Yet, you can’t shake the feeling you’re being watched. You turn around and — nothing! It’s every house-sitters nightmare. And it’s CW11’s video game highlight of the week: Gone Home!

Using first person perspective the game sends the player into Kaitlin’s home in 1995. The new house is unfamiliar to Kaitlin, her family members are missing, and there might a ghost!

Gone Home leaves the way you explore up to you. Like the slow way I did since I thought something was waiting behind every door. It wasn’t.

Fullbright, developer of the game, is releasing a new project soon, Tacoma, which Fullbright claims has nothing to do with the Pacific Northwest city (we appreciate the nod anyway). The game will be set in a space station to up the anxious atmosphere of the first game (space ghosts, maybe?).

So before Tacoma is released, go back and experience Kaitlin’s story, either like a normal person not terrified of what’s in the shadows or like me.

CW CreW Member Shaun


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