CW CreW Member Shaun here today to bring you the past week’s tech news!

It’s here, it’s new and it’s free (for a year)! Windows 10 has come to a computer near you! The talk of the internet, Microsoft has taken the best features from Windows 8 and 7 in the new operating system. The most exciting feature of Windows 10 so far? The return of the start menu! Oh, and that free thing.

Now that the world has answered the question of what the new windows looks like, it’s time to answer another burning question; can you print pictures while eating KFC? Well, you can now with a bucket that doubles as a photo printer! The limited buckets hook up to phones via Bluetooth so no need for any additional technical purchases to enjoy.

Speaking of mixing food and technology, you’re in a hurry and your stomach is growling. And there are lines everywhere! Subway wants to fix that though with their new app. The app is part of the new trend in the food industry where the customer orders and pays ahead so that they only have to walk in and grab their food. Pretty soon lines will be a thing of the past!

In other app news, Yahoo’s new messaging app is a case of an old dog learning a new trick! You have a live feed of the person you are chatting with, but there’s a catch. It’s all silent! With Yahoo’s app you can sneak a chat with a friend while in a meeting and not worry about a laugh getting you caught.


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