Everyone has something that scared them as kid; clowns (thanks, Poltergeist), the dark, spiders. There was one thing, though, that nearly all of us could agree was terrifying, but no one could quite figure out why, until a game came around last summer that finally answered why animatronics were creatures of horror. That’s right; our CW11 Video Game Highlight of the week is the infamous Five Nights at Freddy’s!

The game has a deceptively simple point and click style. There are several in game mechanics, which change from game to game in the series. Basically when you finish one game in the series and think you’ve got it down, everything changes in the next one.

Well, except the jump scares (never ending in this series). The jump scare deaths are what caused the original popularity of the game. More than one thrown mouse met its demise this way.

There’s also the plot of the series, which has caused some serious curiosity. The game has no narrator or character to really explain the story, only optional mini-games, cryptic advice from a former employee, and some newspaper headlines to leave hints. So of course people have worked up their own theories, whether right or not the amount of work put into them is impressive (seriously, some of these are detective level work)!

While our questions remain burning, we might get some insight in the upcoming movie based on the game. Yep, reminding us of a childhood fear in a game wasn’t enough! Hopefully we figure some mysteries out though, like why the animatronics hate night security guards so much (or if they ever blink).

And on that scary note, I leave you. The series might not be done, but my time at the CW11 is. I’ve had a great summer here and loved talking tech and video games with all of you!

-CW CreW Member Shaun

(Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com)


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