Summer 2016 CW 11 CreW

KARLY: Creative Services Intern

Karly Tinsley

Hi there! I’m Karly and I’m the brand-new summer intern for CW11! This fall, I trek back to Pullman to dig into my senior year at Washington State University. I’m a Journalism and Media Production major with a minor in English. Favorite things to do? I swim, run and try to squeeze every last bit of fun out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When I’m not working or at school I like to hang out with my family and our two crazy dogs, Diesel and Sugar Baby. I’m a big fan girl when it comes to CW11 shows but my all time favorites are  The Vampire Diaries ( #TeamStefan) and Reign. Check back and see what the CW11 CreW has in store this summer! Hope you enjoy our segments!

BRYAN: Creative Administrative Intern

Hello there, I’m Bryan and I’m the new creative intern! I’m happy to be joining Karly on the CW11 CreW this summer. Unlike Karly, who is a student at WSU, I attend the University of Washington here in Seattle. Don’t worry, we won’t let the rivalry get in the way of work… too much. As a communications major, my interests has mainly revolved around media production. The things I love to do include making films, taking photographs and just enjoying all the things the Pacific Northwest has to offer. As you’ll see in the coming weeks, I am also doing a little on-camera talent too which is something I’m still getting used to. My favorite CW show? The Flash; but I hope to start on Arrow and The 100 soon (they look epic!). Be sure to check back to see what we’ve been working on!