SATURDAY DECEMBER 17th @ 8pm & 11pm; SATURDAY DECEMBER 24th @ 8pm & 11pm

We’re getting pretty excited for this weekend’s big Band in Seattle Christmas special! We’ve got a whole hour of local holiday tunes for you, at 8 pm and 11 pm the 17th and 24th on CW11 Seattle – KSTW! You’ve got four chances to catch this baby on TV, so grab a cup of hot chocolate and tune in with the family! See below for the line-up!


BREAD & BUTTER: “All I Want for Christmas is You to Stop Being Such a Psycho

Written by drummer Mason Lowe and fine-tuned by vocalist/bassist Shane Herrell, this tune is destined to be a Christmas hit. Newly signed to Seattle’s own Killroom Records, Bread & Butter creates sunny rock and roll that takes you back to a time when jeans were flared not skinny, perms were all the rage, and people got around on skateboards rather than hoverboards. Frontman Shane Herrell’s smile is infectious, but Bread & Butter’s songs might be even more infectious.



Christmas can sometimes be overwhelming as shown by Furniture Girls in their tune “Yule Tied.” StayC Mever is the vocalist with the vibrant blue hair and theatrical presence. Along with vocalist/trumpet player Kate Bradley, they pump out the tune backed up by bassist Jim Watkins, drummer Thane Mitchell, and guitarist Jason Lightfoot.


SWEETKISS MOMMA: “Santa’s Got Bad Intentions”

Performing “Santa’s Got Bad Intentions,” Sweetkiss Momma, led by Jeff Hamel on Vocals and guitar, is described as southern soul tinged Rock and Roll. Filling out the band is Jack Parker, lead guitar, Eric Roberts on keys, Jimmy Hughs, drums, Jeremy Hamel on bass and Kim Hamel vocalist. With the spirit of gospel music and the honesty of original thoughtful lyrics, Sweetkiss Momma means to entertain.


THE BEND: “Wassail, Wassail”

The Bend sets a new standard for Christmas with a protest tune entitled “Wassail, Wassail.” The collective force of band members Jay Cates, Ben Jenkins, Patrick Smail, Floyd Bender, and Scott Helgason creates a thrilling and truly epic rock sound. Soaring vocals and gut-wrenching guitar riffs.


THE MALADY OF SEVENDIALS: “I Remember that December”

Christmas takes on a whole new feeling with “I Remember that December” from The Malady of Sevendials. When you take the themes of Edgar Allen Poe, fuzzy guitars, and add in some reverb and soft ethereal vocals – you’ve got the Malady of Sevendials. Just to show you how clever these kids are – they heard one of their favorite bands playing a guitar with a bow, so they thought they’d try it too. You can’t teach that kind of ingenuity.

CHAMPAGNE HONEYBEE: “Kimchi for Christmas”

If you don’t serve “Kimchi for Christmas,” this year, you’re missing out. Champagne Honeybee mixes the sweet sounds of the ukulele with toe-tapping jazz and clever lyrics for a sound that is completely her own.

STAXX BROTHERS: “Slow Jam for Christmas”

“A Slow Jam for Christmas” is an amazing new take on Christmas giving. Led by Davin Stedman, vocalist and songwriter, and backed up with vocalist Stephanie Walbon, the band explodes on the stage with an in-your-face appeal to not just stand there, but to join in. The Staxx Brothers create simply the most danceable and hip shaking brand of rock & roll to hit the streets since Motown left Detroit.


SUNDAE + MR GOESSL: “Dear Santa Won’t You Bring Me a Ring”

You can feel the power of desire in Kate Voss’s soulful lyrics on this Christmas tune: “Dear Santa Won’t You Bring Me a Ring.” Hometown crooners Sundae and Mr. Goessl hit all the right notes with their modern take on jazz while retaining everything that made the classics classic in the first place.


WHITNEY MONGÉ:  “Around Christmas Time”

“Around Christmas Time,” an original Christmas tune gets to you down deep. Whitney Mongé, having started as a street performer, is now a young but seasoned professional. She writes all her own introspective lyrics and music, and has created a sound reminiscent of Tracy Chapman. From busking in the Pike Place Market to performing at large festivals, Whitney brings a wonderful sound to every audience.



Vaudeville Etiquette is the perfect band to “Spike the Eggnog” this Christmas. Led by Bradley Laina on vocals and guitar and Tayler Lynn on vocals, tambourine, kazoo, and accordion, Vaudeville Etiquette tours constantly and their energetic sound of boot stomping anthems and airy melodic ballads reaches all over the country.


JESSICA LYNNE:  “Yule Tide in My Doublewide”

From the beautiful hills of Denmark to the Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest we have Jessica Lynne on Band in Seattle. Her Christmas tune “Yule Tide in My Doublewide” is country as it should be at Christmas time. With her music dedicated around her soul searching and relationships, she has a clear vision of what she wants within her music. The strength of Jessica’s voice makes you know Jessica Lynne is here to stay, and will be demanding the attention of many new fans for years to come.


THE CRYING SHAME:  “Don’t Touch the Christmas Tree”

When Arlan and Lucile watched their young daughter get close to the Christmas tree, Arlan decided to write this playful Christmas tune: “Don’t touch the Christmas Tree.” With witty lyrics and a gritty gothic folk vibe, this six-piece feels so comfortable on stage that they turn every room into a living room. Each person is a particular ingredient, and they somehow make up this delicious sauce, but one where you can’t identify any particular flavors. You just know it’s good. No matter if you like country, rock, or folk music, their songs are super accessible.



Christmas can have its “Long Nights” and Charlie and the Rays communicates about them well. With a new spin on a classic sound, Charlie and the Rays melds catchy melodies with smooth silky harmonies, retro horns, and alt-folk guitar riffs. Rock, folk and blues mix for a new take on oldies.


JUPE JUPE:  “We Saw Three Ships”

Performing the classic “We Saw Three Ships,” Jupe Jupe is a quartet of cerebral musicians whose sound is self-described as “mournful dance, new wave music.” Young’s rich vocals are suggestive of a Depeche Mode sound, but then it stands on a foundation of heavy synth, rough guitar, and pounding drum lines. Jupe Jupe has discovered a whole new sound for their Pacific Northwest audience.


BLAKE LEWIS: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Beat Boxing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” is a great experience with Blake Lewis. A local hero in his own right, Blake has released multiple pop albums on his own after a stint on American Idol ten years ago. Mixing impeccable beat boxing with silky smooth vocals and a killer pop sensibility, Blake Lewis is one of the good ones.


STAR ANNA:  “Silent Night”

“Silent Night” will never be the same after you’ve heard Star Anna, an Ellensburg born, Seattle based singer/songwriter. With a deep, soulful rendition of the lyrics, and an understanding of the human condition far exceeding her age, Star Anna’s music is sure to move you.


WHITNEY LYMAN:  “Oh Holy Night”

Singing the classic “Oh Holy Night” and accompanying herself on piano, Whitney Lyman is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle. She blends influences from traditional world folk, baroque chamber music, indie rock, and dream pop creating ethereal soundscapes evoking cinematic visuals.



Jake makes the Christmas song “Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel” into a profound experience. In their prior incarnation, Jake Hemming and the Bereaved was known as Big Sur, and band that made sweet alt-folk songs about big sexy men. In their newest form, this band makes heavy, distorted gothic folk rock that is punctuated by Jake Hemming’s almost impossibly deep and unique vibrato.


GOOD COMPANY:  “Good King Wenceslas”

Channeling the swing of the roaring 20s and the synth pop lines of modern electronic music, Good Company creates an upbeat version of the Christmas classic “Good King Wenceslas.” With unmistakably catchy electro-swing and armed with brass and saxophone, this band seems to have created a genre all their own.


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