Two days ago, a wasp stung me. My first thought wasn’t about getting the stinger out or how to make the pain stop; it was oh shit, I’m going to die. I know that might sound just a bit dramatic, but it was a totally reasonable fear. I’d just finished watching that episode of The Flash with the evil lady who controls robot bees that kill people, and who’s to say something like that couldn’t happen in real life?

After I survived five minutes without my whole face flaring up in giant welts, I admitted to myself that it was probably just a regular wasp without any specially-engineered super-venom.

So naturally, the next thing I thought (once I was a safe distance from my stinging perpetrator) was well I guess I’m going to get some sort of super powers now because this is that point of no return that heroes all have to face. I mean it wasn’t like I had just come back from the dead or was struck by lightning- but hey! Stings hurt and that very well could have been the start of my transition into a crime-fighting hero whose mission in life was to protect the city I call home from evil forces (i.e. wasps).

While my powers have yet to come to fruition, I know they’ll appear soon enough. Currently I’m taking recommendations for a superhero name and team so if you know of anyone who has experience at assembling a team of scientists to back a superhero or can come up with a better name than The Human Stinger, please tell them to hit me up.

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
 For more about Aubrey, click here!


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