In CW11’s Legends of Tomorrow, the legends travel throughout different places and times to help correct history. Somehow, they always manage to face complications along the way and have an adventure in each location. Where would the legends go if they came to Seattle in 2017?

Sara Lance, Mick Rory and Leonard Snart – the token “criminals” of the legends, these three tend to enjoy themselves in less than pristine locations. You’d find them drinking in a Belltown bar and most likely getting into a fight or two.

Ray Palmer and Dr. Martin Stein- Our favorite scientist and tech duo wouldn’t be able to resist trying to find Bill Gates at the Microsoft headquarters over on the Eastside.

Jefferson Jackson- The second half of Firestorm and the youngest member of the legends would be spotted around UW, where he’d blend in with the college crowd in attempts to gain intel.

Nate Heywood- The steel historian would be sure to check out Pioneer Square, seeing as it’s Seattle’s original neighborhood. He’d want to experience the historical district and all the underground tunnels.

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
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