I started watching CW11’s Legends of Tomorrow exactly a week ago. Since then, I’ve caught up with all 33 episodes. What makes Legends so great that I put all my other favorite programs on hold to exclusively watch one show? Sara Lance.

Seriously how can one character be so relateable while also being a practically unstoppable fighter? She doesn’t need superpowers or a suit to do the work for her- she can do it all by herself, and at the same time, she’s able to navigate a ship of superheroes and misfits across time and space. Sara Lance is the well-rounded female hero that people have been asking for for years.

In the two seasons of Legends, we watch her grow as a person, shifting away from blood-lust and towards leadership while navigating her own personal problems. She’s seen teaming up with other female members of the team to help train and navigates throughout the ship’s journeys as a character whose plotlines don’t only revolve around her male colleagues. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what she does next when Legends of Tomorrow returns in the fall.

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
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