The characters in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend frequently express themselves through song. These musical numbers are a way to let viewers know what the characters are thinking. In no particular order, here are my top five favorite songs from the show:

  1. Ping Pong Girl- Full confession, this is the kind of punk-rock music that I hardcore jam to in the car. The references to toxic masculinity somehow add to the fun of the upbeat number.
    Favorite lyric: “Let’s share a Costco card!”
  2. Settle for me- It’s like watching Singing in the Rain’s sad, pathetic cousin, and I am all about it.
    Favorite lyric: “You’re like Rocky Five to Rocky.”
  3. JAP Battle- I’ve forced all my friends to watch this multiple times. Before I moved to the east coast, I’d never even heard the term Jewish American Princess before, but the references are spot on and the burns just get sicker as the rap continues.
    Favorite lyric: “Think your verse is tight, then you’re tripping like Birthright.”
  4. I Could If I Wanted To- Clearly, I’m #teamgreg. From the opening lines of philosophical rambling (what is the point of anything anyway?) to the angsty chorus, this song reminds me of almost every conversation I’ve had with liberal arts students. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo.
    Favorite lyric: “What’s an A? It’s just a letter on a page meant to distract us from the pain, but it’s not like any A can make a difference in the day.”
  5. Friendtopia- This Spice Girl inspired number about taking over the world with a girl squad is everything. What’s the point of hanging out with a group of powerful women, if not to plan global domination?
    Favorite lyric: “We nostalgically watch Hocus Pocus.”

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
170616 02 aubrey portrait If the Legends Came to Seattle For more about Aubrey, click here!



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