Tattoos play a significant role in Arrow. Oliver Queen has a couple of them. One of his even contains mystical properties. While neither of my tattoos have powers, I like to think they’re still pretty cool.

I got my first tattoo after I came back from a week in a Nicaraguan rain forest. When I returned to the States, I knew I had to commemorate the experience by tattooing a constellation on my shoulder.

I think something in the universe was trying to prevent me from inking my skin, because it took three tries before I actually left with a tattoo. The first time I was incredibly anxious. I showed up to the tattoo parlor with a group of friends, filled out the form and was waiting for about 20 minutes before I realized I’d left my ID at my dorm and awkwardly ducked out of the establishment. The next time I went, my friends and I found ourselves in horrible traffic. By the time we made it to the tattoo parlor, they’d already locked their doors for the night.

My third time, I was finally successful. I was studying at a coffee shop across the street from where I’d wanted to get my tattoo done. After reading for a few chapters of my Econ textbook, I told the people next to me that I wanted to finally get it done. In a little under three minutes later, I emerged from the back room of the tattoo parlor, freshly inked and feeling more like Oliver Queen than ever.

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
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