A struggle between the wealthiest of the wealthy. The CW’s newest show premiering this fall will have viewers transporting into the lives of the Carringtons, one of the richest families in the world. Taking place in Atlanta, the family surrounds themselves in a mansion, with cars and parties (perhaps called galas for the wealthy?) at every turn. But what if the family moved to Seattle? Where would they live? What would they do? Here’s a few places I think they would be:


Where they would live: 814 E Highland Drive

This massive 11,000 square foot mansion encloses 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and features a rooftop terrace with two fireplaces and a spa. Not only is it a beautiful home, but its location gives unobstructed views of Lake Union, Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Although it is currently up for sale, you’ll truly have to be Carrington to afford this one; it’ll set you back a whopping $15 million.

Where they would eat: The Herbfarm in Woodinville

Averaging at around $250 per person and decorated with items from across the world, the Herbfarm would have that high-end feeling the Carrington’s look for. The family would be treated to a dining experience featuring a lengthy nine courses. The food options change with each season or holiday, so they could keep coming back and never get the same experience. Is the food any good? I’ll let you know when I can afford it.

Where they would have fun: Cedar Wave Private Cruise

If they’re not travelling across the world to have fun, the Carringtons might spend their time on one of the many bodies of water surrounding Seattle. One such cruise is provided by Cedar Wave, a local company that will take you anywhere from Lake Washington to Elliot Bay. While they have a range of prices depending on the length of your journey, I’d assume the Carringtons would vie for the most expensive overnight $1300 option. Some other notable activities might be going to private events, helicopter tours, shopping at designer brands and other things I’ll never be able to do.

So what happens in Dynasty besides spending ridiculous amounts of money?

Fallon Carrington is expecting a promotion to become the COO of her father’s worldwide energy company. However, she flies with her brother to Atlanta it isn’t the news she receives. Fallon is surprised to be introduced to her new soon-to-be stepmother, Crystal. This news is met with spite, as Fallon would rather call Crystal anything but mother. Led by her desire to expose Crystal as a fraud, Dynasty is filled with drama that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Watch the premiere this October 11, right here on CW!

Written by, Bryan Nakata, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
 For more about Bryan, click here!



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