I always tell people that I have two wardrobes: one for when I’m on the West Coast and one for when I’m on the East Coast. When I moved out to D.C., I experienced the opposite of Rebecca’s transformation in CW11’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend when she moves to California from New York and gets made-over.

When you first transition from one coast to the other, you notice the obvious differences: Buildings look different, people are nicer (or meaner) and while everything is similar to what you’re used to, something feels just slightly off. If you’re like me, the only rational response to this change is to freak out and make a plan to move back home. Eventually though, you have to come to terms with the fact that you made the decision to move across the country and realize that you might as well make the most of it.

This is when the wardrobe shift starts. It begins with a pair of shoes. When I’m in Seattle, I walk a lot. To cope with all the hills, I usually wear sneakers. D.C. is pretty flat, and people are less sensible about their footwear there. During my first month on the East Coast, I stocked up on ankle boots, heals and flats. My poor Vans were left hiding in the back of my closet.

Next comes a color shift. I suffered through a few months of steady transitioning out the colorful thrift store finds I’d collected in Fremont in exchange for all-black ensembles.

While I think I’ve finally figured out my East Coast look, there’s still nothing better than coming home to Seattle, where I can finally wear sneakers and color again.

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
170616 02 aubrey portrait If the Legends Came to Seattle For more about Aubrey, click here!


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