We still have a whole two months until the premiere of Riverdale season two – far too long. While I can’t move up premiere date, I can try to make the wait a little more painless. So, in the meantime, here’s ten hilarious memes and tweets to help curb your craving for Archie and the gang.

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1. Cole Sprouse being Jughead in real life:


In this hilarious tweet, Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty Cooper in the show) received a snappy, but perhaps unwarranted response for her post asking fans to vote for Riverdale. Perhaps the show casted Cole Sprouse a little too well.

2. The Archie starter pack:ArchieStarterPack - anesu-x

Archie is one of kind, but maybe he needs to branch out a little more.

3. Cheryl’s need to always bring up Jason:

cheryl - therealhannahmontana

We all have those friends who can’t stop talking about their ex, friend, or new partner. Cheryl’s happens to be with her deceased brother Jason. Greif is okay, but it can be a little too much if it’s brought up in every conversation.

4. Another from Cheryl:


“I can’t wait to bring this up during every one of those months” – Cheryl

5. Veronica questions ulterior motives:

Veronica - anesu-x

Cheryl’s not the only one who can’t get over a family member. As shown plenty of times in Riverdale, Hiram Lodge is a touchy subject for Veronica.

6. Actress Camila Mendes can poke fun too:

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Cole Sprouse isn’t the only one who likes to poke fun outside the show. Actress Camila Mendes likes to shows her funny side too.

7. A wholesome Fred Andrews meme.

RiverdaleDad - Tasty_James

Because who doesn’t like a nice wholesome meme every now and then?

8. A timeless meme.


This meme just goes to show how great they did at casting. But it also makes me want to watch a vintage version of Riverdale. So there’s that, too.

9. The musician/athlete trope.


Is this really so common in real life?

10. The Jughead playlist.

playlist - anesu-x

He’s weird. Don’t you understand?

Memes are great. A new season means more content for memes. Check out the premiere of CW’s Riverdale season two on October 11!

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Written by, Bryan Nakata, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
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